Wouldn’t it be NICE to be BETTER than anyone else at something, PURELY because YOU are NICE!


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1zUjxld)

This is an interesting concept and something I am really hot on at the moment in terms of the future of business, learning, management and almost anything you could think of.

Of course just being nice is not really going to get you anywhere, but actually if you are working hard and working smartly not to mention being creative and innovative, the only other advantage you would have against anyone else is ….. to be nice!

Technology is one of the biggest changes in our society in the last 20 years, and what is happening is that in fact instead of making people less human or more robotic, it is in fact making people become much nicer. One of the most profound quotes I heard recently was that one social media leader stated “Technology companies don’t care one bit about privacy because lack of it makes the world a better place”, meaning because there is a chance of someone seeing what you are doing or creating online, people are becoming more careful about what they are doing. E.g. blatant corruption is down, child abduction is down, street violence is down….all because someone can video it and post it online.

This is my rant today…I really do believe the world is becoming a better place because we are all becoming nicer.

Now I’m going to tie it all into English.

Let’s face it, those students who are polite and ask questions in a nice way are more likely to get their needs met by their teacher and new friends much faster than those who are not.

A simple fact.

Tell me if you agree or not.



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