12 ways to BOOST your ENGLISH (without even noticing it!)


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1G9OB2E)

I found this little gem on my computer dated back to 2007 and realized how it is still just as important today (8 years later) as it was then!


Check it out.

When you learn English, the more you use it the better you get.   Here are a few things to do and only take a few moments throughout your day.

  1. Use English greetings whenever you meet someone.
  1. Read all road signs, advertisements etc, while you are sitting in the car.
  1. Read an article in the newspaper in English and talk to another person in English about it.
  1. Take every opportunity to speak English in your everyday life, e.g. going into shops, at the movie theatre, on buses, trains, etc.
  1. Watch a tv program in English with another English language friend and discuss what you thought in English.
  1. See an English speaking movie with a friend, and see how much you can pick up of the story, discuss it with a friend who is also learning English.
  1. If you need to write a short message to someone, write it in English.
  1. Email a friend in English, if they are also learning English, demand that you will only read their emails if they are in English too!
  1. Listen to how other people speak English and notice any differences in accents if they are from non-native English speaking countries. Listen to their pronunciation.
  1. Buy a magazine on your most favorite topic and make sure it is in English. Look at the pictures and see if you can understand what they are talking about.  Keep the magazine and go back to it from time to time.
  1. Order your food in a restaurant in English.
  1. Have a conversation with a taxi driver while you are in the cab – a lot of drivers are very happy to help you practice their English – usually they are trying to practice theirs too!

Got any other ideas?




5 thoughts on “12 ways to BOOST your ENGLISH (without even noticing it!)

  1. All good points Aiyshah and one thing I would add, that I tell my students all the time, is to always practice writing proper sentences regardless of what they write. I’m going to talk about your top 12 in class tonight.

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