ONLINE: 100% security and 0% privacy – it’s actually coming, what do you think?


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This is something I heard on a youtube video by my latest guru Gerd Leonhard (Look him up! ), he is a futurist, though he now likes to call himself a ‘nowist’ because everything is really all about now these days.

Anyway he mentioned this and emphatically stated that this is in fact coming whether we like it or not. Personally, initially I found it frightening. But after thinking about it a while, and seeing what was happening in the world of technology these days, I realised that actually it may be better for everyone in the long run.

Why? Because what is already happening is that tech companies are not interested in dealing with privacy anymore because quite honestly lack of privacy is making the world a safer and better place. Already a lot of street crime is down, child abduction is down, corruption is down, you name it, a lot of that bad ugly stuff we hate to see is slowly going down, why? Because anyone can film it on their mobile phone and post it on the internet for everyone to see.

So you may say what about the privacy of your own stuff. Okay, so you are a private person, that’s fine, but do you have to post it on the internet? Do you have to undress in front of the window with the curtains open? Do you have to send your boyfriend or girlfriend pictures of yourself naked? Get real, if you play that game, you have to be willing to take the consequences.

So what is the long view of this, will the world be a better place because people aren’t posting pics of their privates online? Well for me yes! And I dare say most of the world too.

When I grew up there was definitely a private life and a public life, now everything is a public life, so if you want to stay socially connected (which most people do), the world of acceptable behaviour will be set pretty clear out there, you either abide by the rules or you will be shot down not just by people around you but complete strangers who you have never heard of and do care that what you do can be offensive. You may say, so what business is it of theirs? True, but if you want to play on a public space, you have to abide by the community rules.

We used to use religion to guide our behaviour, now it looks like cyberspace is the new religion.

So tell me what do you think? Could you live with a 100% security and 0% privacy life?


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2 thoughts on “ONLINE: 100% security and 0% privacy – it’s actually coming, what do you think?

  1. I am a bit of a privacy nut but also recognise that when we sign up for different services (Facebook, Google, etc) and so on, we are giving up a bit of privacy in exchange. This is something I can personally live with. The amount of surveillance that goes on in public spaces is fine with me. As you mentioned, many crimes have been prevented or exposed due to someone being caught on camera. I guess my main fear is when that surveillance has the potential to enter home. When I sleep and when I watch TV is my business, and it is these elements of life that I wonder about. I absolutely agree that if people want to play in public (IRL or online) there are certain rules that go with it. Breaking them has consequences.

    • Thanks for your great comment.

      I notice even myself that things are really changing in terms of trusting others. For example the overwhelming success of the ‘AirBnB’ site where people can stay in other peoples homes. Ten years ago this would have been considered very risky, but now we trust others opinions online and are willing to stay with completely strangers. ‘AirBnB’ is now bigger than all the major hotel chains put together.

      Personally I love this new trust that’s going on out there….I guess there are swings and roundabouts to the privacy argument. Only the future will tell.

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