10 CREATIVE IDEAS to make your ESL kids COME ALIVE


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Was going through my old files again today and found these really great creative ideas to keep your ESL kids constantly learning. When you have finished your usual class activity allow your kids to have some game time with these activities.

Take them as they are and interpret them as you will:

  1. Easy Crossword puzzles

These days you can download them from the internet so easily, laminate them and give them a whiteboard marker to fill in the squares. The whiteboard marker ink should be able to be wiped off easily.

  1. How many words in another word

Give the class one long word (that they know) and in groups see if they can make lots of other words using those letters)

  1. Concentration – vocab medium

This needs a group of cards with a word and its pair has the picture, all cards are turned upside down on the table and children are to try to turn up the correct pair. If they are incorrect matching they have to turn both back upside down for the next person.

You can buy these cards, or find them online, or it can be fun for children to make them too.

  1. Wordfind

Find some easy word finds on the internet, print them off and laminate them, then children can use a white board marker to draw the circles.

  1. Unscrambled words

Create small bags with letters all totaling the correct spelling of words. Children take a bag and create the word with the correct spelling. (Again laminate the cards and cut them up letter by letter)

  1. Make a sentence Game

Just like the unscrambled words except these are words and you have to make a sentence

  1. Spelling bee with a partner

In pairs one person is the teacher, one is the student, give a list of common spelling words at different levels and get children to test their friends on the spelling.

  1. Word Tennis

Make a word with the last letter of the other word. See how many words you can get.

  1. Adjective game

Write a story and leave a gap before every noun. The student is to put an adjective in the gap to make the story funny or interesting. These can be easy stories or long stories depending on the level. Laminate the page and get children to use whiteboard markers.

  1. Hangman

In groups one person is the teacher and the rest of the group are the students in the class. Get students to guess the letters first to make the word, while the teacher makes one mark in the drawing  of a man about to be hanged for each incorrect word.


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