Things to AVOID when learning a foreign language

….Just to warn you listeners first, this guy has some VERY interesting points to make, but does speak really fast, so replay it if you need to.

elit laugh 1


6 thoughts on “Things to AVOID when learning a foreign language

  1. Reblogged this on The Train Blogger and commented:
    So our brains are constantly trying to take shortcuts when learning a new language. Even a glimpse of a familiar cultural image can affect our fluency in our new language.

    I feel like this is a call for experiments with classrooms in the dark, or possibly blindfolding… ,might need to get the lawyers in on this one.

    • hahaha…..yes, but very interesting ideas don’t you think?

      I did have a blind student wanting to learn English once, I really didn’t know where to start. Certainly he couldn’t do the kind of course we did… unfortunately we had to decline…but I felt bad about it, there should have been something we could have done….at least he wouldn’t have been affected by glimpsing familiar cultural images!!

      • That’s so funny that you mentioned that, I actually had the same experience. We had a blind woman come to us a couple of years ago who was a complete beginner. I decided to take her on in one-to-one sessions and it was a real challenge, not least because she still hadn’t learned to use screen readers. I have another student who’s blind at the moment who is totally at home with the technology, and teaching her is a breeze now. I’ve been meaning for a while to write a post about what I experienced and learned from those two students. What kind of course did your student want to do?

      • They wanted to do a General English course like the rest of our students, but as the course is an integrated course (crossing all disciplines in one session), they would have found it impossible. Sadly we didn’t get to work with them.

        Your stories of teaching those blind students sound fascinating….definitely write a post about it soon! I’m sure it will really shed some new light on English learning. (particularly from the cultural angle).. Looking forward to it.

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