5 THINGS to do that will make you LOOK BETTER at ENGLISH, even if you AREN’T!


This information is something I came across over the weekend, which really surprised me, but after I thought about it, I had to agree.

Research has shown that there are certain things you can do (without speaking a word), that will automatically make people around you think you are much better at English than you really are.

They are so easy I can’t believe it!

So here we go:

  1. Stand up straight!

If you are standing, always stand up straight. If you are sitting always sit with a straight back against the back of the chair.

  1. Look at other people in the eye

The best way to show you are listening to someone is to look them in the eye when you are talking and when they are talking. However don’t look too deeply, it may spook them out, this could do more damage to you image than good! The key to understanding how to look at someone directly is that if you are thinking ‘I’m looking at the person directly in the eye right now’, then you are probably creeping them out, so stop that and just look and listen to them!

  1. Wear glasses

Yes I know, I know this sounds so obvious, like the brainy guy is always the guy with the glasses, but apparently it actually works!

  1. Use a middle initial

When you are signing your name drop in the first letter of your middle name. So that means if your name is Ali Abdullah Ahmed, just sign it Ali A. Ahmed. Sounds very strange, but apparently it works!

  1. Speak in a pleasant voice.

The main reason for this one is basically that people are far more likely to listen to what you have to say if you are pleasant. If you are screaming or angry, not only will your bad English be shouted out to all to hear but people will also just switch off!

So there you have it, tell me if you think these are ridiculous, or if you think they ring true!


6 thoughts on “5 THINGS to do that will make you LOOK BETTER at ENGLISH, even if you AREN’T!

  1. Some of this is absolutely true! Some people will automatically assume you know what you’re talking about if you look poised, calm and collected – even if you have no clue what you’re saying. The saying ‘fake it until you make it’, which I think applies to this post, rings true. If you fake something well enough, people will believe it.

    • Love that term ‘fake it till you make it’! Funny thing is that some people who feel they have been faking it for years, are really shocked when they find out that actually they are now quite good at English!

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