If the AVERAGE human life span was 40 YEARS, how would you LIVE your life DIFFERENTLY?


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Okay I’m going to come clean…I’m over 50!  There I said it!, and I have to say the older I get the more I enjoy every minute I have no matter how easy or difficult it is. The big question is why? It’s not because I sat down one day and said to myself ‘I’m going to live every minute like it’s the last day of my life!”, it really was something that just came naturally.  So I wonder why…I think it is just a simple thing that I deep down understand that life is short and the older I get I am unconsciously more and more appreciative of what I have.

So the question is if I had known that life was only 40 years long, how would I have done anything differently? My answer…I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently…I am who I am because of what I did and choices I made, not just because of plans.

So what about you?



3 thoughts on “If the AVERAGE human life span was 40 YEARS, how would you LIVE your life DIFFERENTLY?

  1. If I had to be perfectly honest, I would have pursued a Master’s Degree (and subsequently a PhD) sooner. I plan on getting said degrees in the next few years but if I only lived to be 40 I would have started by now. Also probably taking more ESL teaching opportunities instead of tutoring for now. Sigh… but we never know if we will live past 40! Old age is a gift! 🙂

    • Great reply. When we are a teenager, 40 seems very old, but when you get to 40 you realise how young you really are…. Yes I agree education is so important – it opens so many more doors.

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