How to tell the TIME on the ESL learners BODY CLOCK

body clock

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Time is the number one thing that most ESL learners think about. Here are the most common questions:

  1. What time is my class?
  2. How long is my class?
  3. How long will it take for me to be able to pass IELTS?
  4. How long is the course?
  5. How long do I need to speak for?
  6. How long is the exam?

Okay …so this is nothing new to most ESL students. Not only is this a good test in the use of ‘How long…’ but also it shows the importance of time with anyone trying to get their English perfect enough to achieve their goals. My research and experience has shown that (certainly or us anyway at ELIT Language Centre), 98% of the class are learning English to go off and do something else with it. There are some however that just love languages and want to learn, but those are few and far between.

So the starting and the finishing date of the English course is always very important to the student. But what we don’t think about in fact is that the time isn’t just in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. Time also has some depth. The depth is based on how hard you work yourself for that time.

So it’s easy to say “oh I’m going to work hard every moment of every day to get the most out of it’…nice dream!  Now is the time you have to think about your body clock!  Seriously, can you work 24 hours a day at the same pace? No.  So what you need to do is to think about how your body actually works, and when it works best.

For me I am a morning person. I love getting up with my coffee and breakfast and sitting down to may computer for 3 hours and just plugging through my work for the day, thinking, making my decisions and so on. For others it is at night, sometimes late at night.

Your job now as an ESL student is to ask the final question:

When is the best time for me to learn the most?

Watch yourself and really take time to think about this and when you get it right, I guarantee you will truly make the most of your English learning time. Get that answer right and you will be fluent in no time, get it wrong and you will be wasting your time, and may as well just take a vacation!

Check out the links below too to find out more about how your body works in terms of sleep and energy.

All the best!


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