10 CREATIVE DISPLAY IDEAS to make your room super INTERACTIVE for ESL kids


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Q18kZe)

Was going through my old files and found this really great list of creative ideas to keep you ESL kids constantly learning.

Take them as they are and interpret them as you will:

  1. Make an A-Z book of pictures that start with each letter.

Get the class to create it and put it together with a beautiful front cover then bind ti and keep it in the reading corner…I bed it will be the most well read book in the corner

  1. Noun cards on objects

Write nouns on cards and place them around the room where they need to be.

  1. Alphabet mural

Create a mural on the wall with a picture for  every letter of the alphabet and let the children match them up

  1. Decorated words

Decorate words with what they are like e.g. a snake looks like a snake

  1. Jeopardy matching

Create  an answer on the wall and a question somewhere else, children have to match the question with the answer

  1. Spend a $1million in the newspaper

Get the class to create a mural of newspaper advertisement cut-outs adding up to a million dollars shopping spree

  1. Learn English Poster

Get the class to create a ‘learn English’ poster. Depending on your group level it could be simply with crayon and paper or even using photoshop for higher levels

  1. Make a rainbow

Create a rainbow across the room and children paste pictures of objects that are that are colour on the rainbow, e.g. yellow – banana

  1. Make a root words wind chime

Using an old coat hanger, decorate it and make the stem the root word and hanging from it are all the other words, e.g. like = dislike, unlike, likable, etc

  1. Create a classroom map with locations and directions

On the map get children to draw pictures of important places in their town, e.g. school, bank, etc, and then place them on the map where they are. Extension activity could be to have also sets of directions on how to get to the different locations.

Here are just ten, can you name some more?

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