Are you the ONE who always ENDS UP in the KITCHEN at PARTIES?


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I loved this when I was much younger. There would be a party, myself and my friends would be invited and somehow somewhere along the line I would find myself in the kitchen at parties. I asked myself one day, why, why did I end up there, it wasn’t because I was unhappy at the party, it just made me think.

I realised that it had something to do with a number of factors:

  • Often there were just too many people in the living room and well you just couldn’t hear anything
  • The lighting was better
  • The food was there (including the fridge)
  • For some reason the most interesting conversations seemed to be happening there.

Personally I haven’t been to a party like that in years, so I am just thinking more about my university days here.

So what about you? Were you always someone who ended up in the kitchen at parties?



4 thoughts on “Are you the ONE who always ENDS UP in the KITCHEN at PARTIES?

  1. I used to be, too! I have always liked talking and food but have never given it a second thought. Now, ages later, I have found out that I actually belonged to a special tribe! Thanks! LOL

  2. Not always but yes interesting convos happened there and the food was the biggest draw factor for me! Also it was slightly quieter depending on which party so u could sit around talking about life and learn a little. You’d also get jokes but the quietness gave a deeper level to some convos

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