When MOMENTUM is your best friend


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1B9Muzy)

So what’s the very first thing you want to do when you succeed at something?  Do the whole thing all over again!

That’s right. And when we are looking at learning or developing anything, this very desire to repeat something is exactly what will drive your momentum and as a result you will become successful yet again.

Recently I was reading John Maxwell’s Book on Leadership (See the link below) and he was talking all about the keys to success and momentum was one thing that rose up as the key to repeated success. It can work in almost anything you are trying to succeed at (including learning a language!)

Let’s look at a few interesting points on momentum and success:

  1. Ever heard the phrase, the harder you work the luckier you get? Well that is exactly what they are talking about. But let’s just define hard work first. It isn’t being like a mouse spinning on a treadmill, it is working hard to work smarter, and the smarter you get the luckier you get. So when we talking about this we are really talking about keeping that wheel spinning long after we’ve stopped peddling and letting the results keep coming in.
  1. Ever experienced the moment when you have worked so hard and got nowhere, then just when you want to give up all the results start coming in? That’s momentum working for you.
  1. Every seen a train (moving along a track at 100 kmph) hit a small obstacle on the track? What happens to the obstacle? It gets crushed – that’s what. So imagine you are working (just like the train) strong and powerful along your track – any problem or irritation that comes your way will be simply crushed and considered insignificant.
  1. Ever seen a train (this time moving along a track at 10kmph) hit a small obstacle on the track? What happens when it hits the obstacle? It eventually stops or even gets derailed, that’s what. So imagine if you are working (just like this train at 10 kmph), slow and laboured – any problem or irritation that comes your way will totally destroy you….

So think again about momentum in all that you do. If you are running a business or learning a language, when you find yourself succeeding, instead of immediately rewarding yourself with a night out or piece of chocolate cake, do one thing first…..set up a situation where you can have that same success all over again. E.g. make another appointment with a potential customer, or register again for another English course….THEN go out and celebrate.

So don’t be the train that gets stuck on the track, be the train that crushes all problems in its wake and roars to success!



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