To what DEGREE have you actually CONTROLLED the course your life has TAKEN?


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I would have to say that for me the first half of my life was full of goals and dreams and me listening too much to other people about what direction I should take to reach my goals. The second half of my life was just me being me and doing what I loved and seeking always happiness and contentment as well as the right direction.

I would say if I had to give advice to any young person out there, I would say these days you REALLY can do anything in this world and get paid for it. So find out what makes you feel really excited and pursue that. Eventually you will find the right groove and you will succeed.

Saying that, I can only really know that what I am saying is true because I have been through a lot of things that eventually felt very forced, even though I was actually quite good at it. So I guess we all have to learn in our own time.

What about you?


2 thoughts on “To what DEGREE have you actually CONTROLLED the course your life has TAKEN?

  1. My life? As I look back on it, my Lord was totally in charge, although I didn’t know it at the time. For instance, I always wanted to go to college and “succeed” as a teacher, and I did. I taught for over 40 years in public schools and private industry. As I now look back, I know that the people I’ve met, the man I married, the men I’ve been blessed to give birth, to, etc. were all part of His plan for me. He has used me in so many lives during that same 40 years. Now, I’m teaching English to children who come from China for a few weeks each summer. I challenge all of your blog followers to consider their purpose and contribution in life while on Earth. You’re welcome!

    • Lovely response from you…I love the whole ‘purpose’ idea in life, . I too have the same purpose and do believe that God played a major part in my direction, though it took me a while to stop fighting it!. But knowing your purpose (right from the start) helps you grow exponentially.

      Thanks very much for your comment!

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