The 6 day English BOOTCAMP routine (with cross training!)

A blast from the past…enjoy the workout!



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Honestly, learning English is really no different to going to the gym, but instead of it being a physical thing, it’s a brain thing. Yes in the beginning you will feel tired and have sore muscles (brain muscles that is!), but once you set the pace and slowly increase your intensity, you will improve! I guarantee!

But of course like any gym workout, if you stop or feel lazy, everything will just go right back to what it was before, awkward, tired and flabby. (Sound like someone you know?)

So here is a 6 day English workout to really pump the iron!

Day 1 WARM UP: Go through the newspaper and find 5 words you don’t know. Write them 15 times on paper, then test your spelling.Look up each word in the dictionary also.

CARDIO: Turn on the television in English for 5 minutes without stopping…

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