A great website for ESL STUDENTS with GRADED READING LEVELS too!!

Really relevant for reading exercises for all levels….a must read for teachers and students!!



(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1CPFY0Q)

So often we teachers want to bring something very new and current into the classroom. Some teachers stick closely to the textbook (which by the way I have nothing against!), however others also want to enhance their classroom with something new for students to read.

So that’s the teacher’s side of things, now for the students side of things. Sometimes students find it hard to find good reading materials that are ESL friendly. Well here is a website that will change both teachers and students reading and comprehension that is current and interesting.

Drumroll please……. It’s called

‘Breaking News English’

…and is updated regularly and has the same article in all different levels. (Check out the bottom of the article) Good for you teachers and students.

Here’s an example:

A 13-year-old American has made a cheap machine that can help blind people read. People who cannot…

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