Being UNIQUE – it’s the only true COMPETITIVE EDGE you will ever HAVE


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While fumbling through a Youtube video recently I came across (yet again) some futurist information that I found quite interesting. This person was a marketing strategist and futurist. He stated that the future is in communication skills and being ‘unique’.

This is something I pondered over, as customer service is very important in terms of building communication skills and of course social media in itself is all about engaging with everyone and communicating. So on that level I can see how things are covered.

But the whole thing is being ‘unique’ fascinated me, so I did some more research as to what people really mean by ‘being unique’.

The meaning of ‘unique’ is simple:

  • Being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.

Okay that’s great, but therefore how can we compete with uniqueness? When a business is in competition with another business, they have always a benchmark to measure themselves against that benchmark, e.g. better quality premises, more innovative ideas, or even teaching quality can now be measured, but ‘uniqueness’? How can a business be ‘more unique’ than another?


The key is that you must try to simply be you! There is no other you out there. You are the only you and there will never be another you again. You are what makes something unique.

So if we are building a business and we are looking at how to compete we have to look at ourselves, the leaders of the business or team. The very thing that will make your business succeed is you. If you walk into the office and see ‘you’ everywhere you are definitely going to be running a unique business.

But being unique in itself is not the winning ingredient, because ‘you’ maybe a very flawed person who really doesn’t do the job well enough, and that may be exactly what people see when they walk into your business…and is that really what you want for your company?

No of course not, so how do you improve your business through uniqueness? Well, you have to be the best ‘you’ you can possibly be.

And how does a leader do that?

They make sure that

  • The business provides a product or service that you are personally passionate about
  • The décor of the office has a presence that you are personally proud of
  • The staff that are working there have been handpicked by you because you want to work with these kinds of people because they will reflect your personal philosophy, because they themselves have the same philosophy
  • The marketing that is done is a reflection of your belief in how people need to see you.

Sounds highly egotistical right? Well what if you are someone with no ego? Or a very humble ego? Or a person who is not affected by power or narcissism? Now you are talking…this is exactly the kind of quality that will set you way apart in a positive way.

Okay so I know that you as a leader may not be necessarily a great customer service specialist, a home decorator, a human resources officer, or a marketing strategist, however the true leaders in this world certainly have developed some ability in these areas to make sure their stamp of ‘themselves’ is somehow printed everywhere.

Some people use consultants to do this, and that is fine, but I would say that the first job of the consultant is to find out who the owner is and what their vision is. Once this is clear, there will be all endeavours to bring this ‘you-ness’ to the place. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they are not, that’s the risk you take.

But my advice is simple. If you want to be a leader in your business the first thing you need to do is do some soul searching and discover truly who you are and make sure that that is the benchmark of expectation for all that sits within your realm.

This is the uniqueness of the future. No one will ever be able to compete with you, and if you are a great person with great ideas and a great team, your customers will come to YOU specifically for this reason only and no one will ever be able to beat you.

What do you think?


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