8 things that WILL happen AFTER you have mastered your ENGLISH


There are millions of people out there right now who are studying English for many reasons, e.g. university study, internet and film usage, international business, or simply just the love of learning languages, however few really can comprehend the end point when they can honestly say ‘Ah-ha – now I have the language mastered!’

So what does happen when you have mastered English language?

  1. You become a translator for everyone and anyone

Simply because you understand a whole world that most of your family and friends don’t you become the one that translates everything not just word for word but culturally too. You really become the negotiator in many situations

  1. You order all the food in the menu

When you are out with family and friends, you are the one who does all the ordering, managing of everyone’s requests and generally the informer for ‘the other side’.

  1. You become the leader of your group

There is a sudden power shift in your group of friends and family, they finally see that they need you in a way they have never done before. It can be daunting initially but remember you have been given a special power now that they don’t have….it’s called ‘English’! They are putting their life in your hands and will trust you more than ever before…so be a good leader.


  1. You suddenly have status

Along with leadership of course comes status. But status is slightly different because being a leader is just in relation to your group. When you get status, it means you have a huge wealth of knowledge that a lot of others from your country don’t have. You not only speak English but you may have travelled and experienced the world ‘outside’ with all its good and bad points, so you can say you have something that many others don’t from your group.  This really does give you power and status.

  1. Your salary jumps to even double

For whatever reason you decided to study English, for sure your position in the work place will change, not just in status but backed up by an increase in salary. If your boss isn’t increasing your salary, go somewhere else, you have a very important asset now, and you could make a lot of money from it.

  1. No one asks you if you understand

When you are speaking to native speakers in English, and you are a competent speaker in English too, you will find that they will assume you know everything they are saying and understand the way things are done…you will be accepted as a ‘native’ even though you may feel your speaking skills are still not completely accurate. The native speaker won’t question if you are a native or not, they will just talk to you as if you were, and of course assume you understand everything. If you don’t understand something, of course ask, and they will assume that they perhaps were not as clear as they could have been and that your question is a very fair question that any native speaker would also ask!

  1. You will be considered a native speaker far faster by others than by yourself.

Some people may even question that you can speak any other languages than English

Because native speakers are not used to dealing with people who are not native speakers, as said in No. 6, they will assume you are a native or virtually native. This then means that it probably would never occur to them that you do speak any other language. To them you are speaking English well, and that’s all that matters.

  1. Be ready for a change of planet

Most importantly you will feel you have shifted to another planet…..yes planet. There will be the before English you, and now the after English you, and you will never be able to go back and you will never want to go back. It’s exciting and interesting and the world has suddenly opened up for you.

Enjoy your English – it will take you places you could never have imagined.

Any other points?


3 thoughts on “8 things that WILL happen AFTER you have mastered your ENGLISH

  1. Reblogged this on ellen's esl teaching blog and commented:
    These are some great points about what your future life will be like. A very important point for many of my students is that you will be able to solve your own problems, when you have English. It has to be very frustrating to depend on your family and friends to work out anything that comes up, such as medical problems, or shopping for something new. When you can communicate, you can be much more independent, and therefore, much more confident. Another thing that many students say is that they’re outgoing in their own language, but shy in English. Imagine how exciting it will be when you can let people meet the “real you”!

    • Lovely comment and so true, as soon as your English is mastered you can really be you and love the language at the same time. Hope your readers enjoy the bog post.

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