Ask me WHY!


I wanted to write a post on this because though it may seem a very simple question, it is not something that is asked as often as we think. It is a really good thing to bear in mind when you are learning a language as well as doing anything else from running a business or making financial decisions.

The world is changing fast and all the sheep who are following everyone else are soon going to be made to feel very uncomfortable. No longer can you just get a job doing one thing like a machine does without asking ‘why?’ The world is moving so fast into automation that anything that could possibly be done without asking ‘why’ will be done by a machine or computer. So all you guys out there who love coming to work only to eat your lunch better get yourself ready.

Having taught for many years, it is a real pleasure to have those students in the class who do ask why. I say this because it takes the classroom from a ‘training centre’ to an ‘educating centre’. Training is for dogs and animals, education is for humans!

When a person asks why they are showing the highest level of integrity a person can have, because they are firstly wanting to have a deeper understanding of what they are seeing or doing, and also they are showing respect for their own self by informing you that they are an intelligent human people who needs transparency in their life.

If you refuse to tell them why, you will find yourself engulfed with anger, and if you are, you need to address in yourself ‘why’ you feel this way. For some people it is the inferior subordinate trying to denounce the authority of the leader. Far from it. Actually it shows the opposite. It puts the leader into a position of power in terms of knowledge and information.

Then of course you may not know the answer yourself and feel embarrassed, this could be the real reason why you are angry. Okay so here is an opportunity to get the ‘subordinate’ to feel useful and still your subordinate…turn the question around and ask them to tell you why…if you think it is a good answer, great (you have secretly learned something!) – if they can’t tell you why, ask them to go and think about it and come back….you can say you want to develop thinkers on your team, not robots. They will appreciate that too…but you have to find out why too, then follow up, otherwise they will think you just didn’t know the answer.

So asking why in today’s world is not only important, but a must. These days there are few countries that have little to zero literacy rate, and thanks to globalisation, we are all getting equal access to quality education. So there is no reason to be a sheep that follows others and never asks why, you owe it to yourself, for your own self-preservation and self-education.

Asking why is just asking for transparency!

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Ask me WHY!

  1. Excellent! There are millions of “why” questions – everything from why I should use a certain detergent to clean up my clothes to why do some people worship idols that they themselves made? Children ask “why” because they’re trying to figure out their “universe.” Adults might be asking why because they really don’t want to perform the task asked of them. Self-pride does enter into most of these why questions. In other words, in my opinion, “why” can be positive or negative!

    • True. In the western world we are always asking why… But this isn’t true in other parts of the world.
      It all comes down to the intention of the speaker.

  2. yes, of course, a very interesting and leading article ,…,”training is for dogs and animals…..( and for teachers too).

    • Yes I went through a teacher training course, but I wouldn’t say I was ‘trained’ as such, the place that I went to was more into encouraging us to think about education creatively. Perhaps one could say we were ‘trained’ to think creatively..

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