Everything is CONVERGING ….HELP! No wait, this is the new REALITY


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Remember the days when you had a telephone at home, the car was in the garage and your meeting with the boss was held in the meeting room in your office? Well, all these different tasks are now converging. Converging into one. Now you can drive your car to work with the mobile phone attached to the dashboard, video chatting with your boss about your client.

‘So what!’ you say. True, we now take all these things for granted. But the truth is that this is only the beginning.

The time is soon coming when you won’t even be driving your car, it will be automated, your mobile phone won’t exist and you will be sitting next to your boss and your client as holograms in the back seat. Sounds science fiction doesn’t it, but actually maybe 10 years ago you would have thought it crazy sci-fi stuff, but today, you just know it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of time.

Personally I just love how it is all happening. I love that technology is slowly becoming increasingly invisible and what we will be able to do and take for granted will be mind-boggling.

So what does this mean for the education field, in particular learning English?

Does this mean the end of real human teachers? The end of desks and chairs, the end of classrooms and schools?

You already know the answer don’t you……because it is already here. Yes of course online learning has removed most of that. But I am going to tell you what else I think.

I read a quote which I love.

“Any teacher who can be replaced by technology – should be!”

I love that – it really ups the game of the teacher. Teaching has always been a calling, never a job. If anyone is in it for the money…they are insane, the hours and patience required will make you earn every single cent. Those teachers who have a calling for education, are the true innovators, and they will never lose their jobs. Why because the future is all about being dynamic catalysts for your students.

So in terms of schools losing out to technology, we have to look at it differently, we have to ‘reverse our assumptions’, turn it around to schools winning out to technology, not because they won’t use it, but because it will work completely converge with all the amazing innovative teachers and make every lesson an adventure in discovery.

Yes I know I am sounding very idealistic about this, but I firmly believe great teachers will always have a job. 75% of all students surveyed in a 2015 poll said they would rather learn with a great motivational live teacher, than do a great motivational online programme. The problem is that the great teacher will soon be for only for the elite. He/she will be able to charge large sums of money and will soon be considered up there with the doctors and lawyers.  But he/she has to be good!

And about time too!

So what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Everything is CONVERGING ….HELP! No wait, this is the new REALITY

  1. very well written article,technology is gaining strength in every walk of life and in education too,but it will never surpass the great teacher,just a smile on teacher”s face sometimes gives courage and strength to students that can not be measured, but student here should not be his customer, technology can never replace the importance of teacher student relationship.The teacher ought to be an ideal personality.

    • Absolutely agree. This is all leading to a good thing (I think). Teachers hopefully will become more in the respected position that they should be. Technology is merely a tool, an amazing tool at that, but will never replace the amazing teacher.

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