Imagine your ENGLISH in 30 steps

30 steps

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I want to take a step outside of the usual rules and hints to learning English to just let all our ESL students have a few moments to just dream.

If you are a teacher this is a great starter for your class. (And can be done on a regular basis too)

If you are an ESL student is a great way to start your day too.

Every ESL student has entered your school or classroom with one dream…to master English for a specific purpose. But for the dream to be really attainable, it takes only a few minutes a day to simply ‘imagine your English’.

So how do we go about this? This is my recommendation only of course, you can have your own opinions or strategies. But this is a good place to start. Change some parts if you want. It should take no more than 3 minutes in total.

  1. Find a quiet place in sit comfortably and relax.
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Imagine you are walking through a dark room and everyone is talking your native language.
  4. You are greeting everyone and enjoying the company of them.
  5. Keep walking with a smile on your face
  6. You will see a door on the far side of the room. It is slightly open.
  7. Put your hand on the door handle and slowly pull it open.
  8. When you do this you see the door initially is a little stiff to move, but the more you play with the door the easier it opens.
  9. Finally it is open wide enough for you to walk through.
  10. You walk through the door slowly but easily.
  11. On the other side is a group of people all speaking English. They are a little way away so you still can’t hear exactly what it is that they are saying.
  12. You see on the other side of you some signs all in English. You read the signs. They are directing you to move forward to the next part of the space.
  13. When you have past the sign, someone comes to greet you, you say hello and move on.
  14. You take a few more steps and someone else comes over and asks you to join them at their lunch table. You go over there and everyone is greeting you in English.
  15. You sit and listen to the people and answer the questions they ask you in English perfectly.
  16. You feel that they are enjoying your company.
  17. Someone takes your hand and leads you into an office. Someone in the office welcomes you and sits you down at a desk. It is a big beautiful wooden desk with gold pens and beautiful thick parchment paper.
  18. There is a page under the paper that has writing on it.
  19. You read the English writing on the paper, it is a contract for something big in your business, and you sign the bottom part of the page with one of the gold pens.
  20. You stand and walk to another room. There is a big meeting going on and the people are all speaking English, you listen to them and then clarify the points and everyone thanks you saying ‘now I finally understand’.
  21. You leave the office and walk outside. The air is fresh and clean, but there is excitement in the air.
  22. Some people on the other side of the road are having a coffee and laughing. They gesture you to join them. You go over and sit with them.
  23. They are your old friends speaking English fluently.
  24. Someone you find interesting is sitting on the other side of the table.
  25. They greet you and you start talking in the most perfect English you have ever heard.
  26. They congratulate you on your perfect English.
  27. Enjoy the feeling both mentally and emotionally at what that feels like.
  28. Thank the person and smile.
  29. Let the feeling linger in yourself and look around the environment taking in all the sights, sounds, smells and even tastes of that feeling. Do this for a 60 seconds.
  30. Now slowly open your eyes.

So how was that? Quite a journey right?

So what is the point in doing this? It is a very powerful thing to do to visualise your final point. In business it’s called visualising the end result. Many people believe that if you can know the feeling of achievement, you simply redirect your thoughts and actions all toward that point, and the results come a lot faster than you can imagine.

Try it! I’m curious about what responses you get. Let me know.


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