Will English ALWAYS be the international language of choice?

Something to think about…

The FUTURE of Learning


Well…no one can every truthfully answer this question…the only answer we can give is …maybe…

But let’s look at some facts and opinions out there and see where it could go.

  1. Right now 80% of the English spoken between people are between non-native speakers. E.g. a Chinese businessman and a German retailer.

  1. Though English is deemed as being the international language of choice right now, due to the expansion of the Chinese business environment, Mandarin is often considered a more desirable language to speak in the business world.

  1. As so many people who speak English in business are not native speakers, the possibility that the English we know today will still be the English of tomorrow is quite unlikely. It is possible that many words will be added and taken away to create many different versions of English depending on where you are in the world.

  1. Just historically, English only…

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