6 quotes from SETH GODIN that I really like


(Photo credit: http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/)

I am always looking for how to improve learning, understanding and generally be a better person. Here is someone I have come across who I have enjoyed a lot of what he has said (though some things I disagreed with), so I want to take the time to highlight some points I like:

  1. This is for you, and this is not for you.

What he means is that everything is not for everyone, some people like some stuff, some like others and there is no way you can change their minds, accept it and go with what you do love and the people who love it too.

  1. Be your own artist

You yourself are a work of art, and you have spent your lifetime developing it. Stick with it in all you do and many other people will appreciate you and your work too.

  1. Lead your tribe

Here a tribe is a group of people who are into what you are into, and so you don’t have to convince too many people to take up the cause. So find your tribe and if you want to be a leader, be the leader of this tribe. All tribes are always looking for leaders.

  1. Let education be about accomplishment not achievement

Seth Godin is hot on education (as I am too), and I have to agree on this one. What’s the point of getting an ‘academic degree with no experience’, all it tells the employer is that the person can read and understand a textbook. The future he believes should be about creating things were never created before, trialling them and finding out how and why they work or don’t…that kind of education is priceless….so ‘accomplishment’ is exactly this, not achievement.  I like this one very much.

  1. When your bucket of fear starts to overflow, get a bigger bucket

He believes that fear will never go away, don’t try to diminish it, try to learn how to dance with it, and when it gets too big, just make a bigger space for it, and develop a new dance…

  1. Bravery is over-rated

Bravery he believes is just a name given by other people who are cowards. One should never use the work ‘brave’ because it gives the cowards the excuse to not do anything, when everyone should try everything…accept the fear and deal with it.

So there you have it, it fits in with all aspects of life.

What do you think?


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