4 tricks to improving your English without a teacher!

Check this out!

The FUTURE of Learning

learn english without a teacher

(photo credit here)

Don’t let this photo fool you , it’s not that difficult!  But the truth is that these tricks are really for people who have done some kind of English course somewhere along the way, but well….life got in the way and now you are trying to brush up on it again but just don’t have the time. Never fear!  Aiyshah is here!

Yes, you can do this alone with a few simple routines to do in the car, on the plane, in the living room and well, pretty much anywhere you want other than a classroom.

So here we go.

  1. Read aloud

You are in a café having a coffee and you have picked up the newspaper (an English one of course), time to start simply reading aloud the news items. Make a note of any new words and google them on your i-phone! Make sure…

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