7 ways to CREATE creativity in the CLASSROOM


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Js8nL1)

The days of passive learning are over, and the days of constant creativity are here. If you are a teacher in whatever capacity, you will need to learn now no longer how to simply impart information but create creativity.

But how?!

Okay here is an attempt to give you some pointers, whether you are a teacher of 5 year olds, an ESL teacher or a university lecturer. These are the points that you must consider:

  1. Make compelling content and procedures

Okay this is a no brainer, you have to know your stuff and be able to present the content of it in a way that the students can connect with it. This may mean how you organise it, how you present it logically, or even down to how you present it colourfully or using many other additional elements to make information clear. But this is not going to work by itself!

  1. Understanding Flow

Flow is such a wonderful thing. As a teacher you will see it a lot in your classroom. It is a state we get into where we lose ourselves in what we are doing. Your goal is to create a constant ‘flow’ within your classroom. Often if you are the teacher you miss it because you are part of the flow too. But try to observe in when you see group work or others listening to each other…there you will see flow, and when you see flow…learning is happening!

  1. Looking for content that helps students get into a ‘flow’

Once you have observed flow, really analyse it. What was it that clicked these students into flow mode. Watch and make notes and remember to include whatever you saw again and again.

  1. Create the right atmosphere in the classroom

The right atmosphere is all about the teacher. Yes sometimes the students can be more powerful than the teacher, but once you have ‘cracked’ the class behaviour issue, the rest I all up to you. Atmosphere comes from the smile on your face and the excitement for the subject that you pass on…this creates the right creative atmosphere.

  1. The teacher themselves needs to light up

The truth is that if you aren’t excited about the topic or subject you are exploring, the students won’t be either. Therefore the teacher needs to find for themselves that curiosity and as a result the students will feel it too.

  1. Sensory and aesthetic input is very appealing for those watching

A creative classroom uses all the 5 senses. Think about that when you are preparing something for the class. Are the students able to explore what you are exploring with them in all the different senses…if so, you are onto a winning classroom environment.

  1. Look at creative constraints

Of course you won’t be able to do everything the way you want, but sometimes constraints can be the creative element within itself. For example, you may be wanting to take the class to the seaside to explore something, but it is just too costly for them. So you could consider bringing the seaside to them. Go there yourself for the day and come back with all the things you think could help the class create their own inside their classroom, and learn at the same time…that’s just one idea.

So here are just a few ways to get your creative juices going. Remember if you are inspired, the rest of the class will be too! If you are not inspired…find a way to get yourself interested…this new angle you find could be the very key that the students will love you for!


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