BIG DATA what is it and HOW does it impact us

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I’m going to first start here with the ESL point of view then shift it to business.

What is the ESL point of view?

Okay, from an ESL point of view you could equate big data with say an accumulation of all English vocabulary, how it’s used, with different accent, and with all the grammar rules.  As well as this there is so much more, but in whatever ways it can, big data will impact your life in so many ways to enhance your English. Big data is what is collected by machines and computers about you every single second of the day. Why? To make your life so easy in the future you won’t even need to sweat over anything.

For example, right now if a Mandarin speaker speaks to someone in Mandarin on skype and the other person speaks only English, the voice will be translated immediately into English and then passed to the English speaker, and vice versa. This is amazing because if you think about all the information that software would have had to digest in just a few seconds, and create the translation with absolute perfection, its mind-blogging. But it is already here and free to use…in fact it is already in use as an app.

So the question then remains, in the future will there still be a need to learn a language when an app will translate immediately? Well, good question. I personally would still say yes, because language is about communication and true communication is human, so we still need a human in this situation – but saying this, that human aspect is going to be so sophisticated soon in terms of being transferred to the big data situation, that your confidence in the spoken word on the app will be so high that you will never think twice about using it. However, the written word will still stand and if you are dealing with legal contracts….would you really ever trust a machine? Maybe….we’ll see.

So what about business?

Ever noticed that while you are checking something else on google, that that hotel you booked for your summer break is suddenly available again at another time, or there are suddenly three other hotels right next door available too? And they are being advertised right there in front of you on a whole unrelated page?

This is the beginning of the BIG DATA syndrome. Computers are now so sophisticated in terms of collecting data that our life in the future will be so tailored to our every need we will feel that the world was only built for you and you only!

So how will that affect your business?

Okay the first thing you will find is that google is probably already doing it for you. Whenever your website appears on the page, there will be a whole list of adverts to the right all about your topic. Even on mobiles the same thing is happening.

But the question is, how can a business maximise their potential with big data? Well, if you are using something like GoogleAds you will find you are already helping them get your business integrated with their data by selecting ‘keywords’ or analytics to help people find your site. And don’t even worry about getting a server now, all your information will be kept in cyberspace….a ‘cloud’ as they call it now.

From a marketing perspective it will get easier and easier to find exactly the right clients for you. Or better still, for them to find you! There are many agencies right now who are going to charge you for the data, but don’t worry, it will soon be absolutely free….just wait.

The ‘Big data of the future’ is really like the ‘big brother of the past’, except way cleverer.

And well if you don’t want to be involved in the big data scene, perhaps you can go and hide away in some remote land and live up the top of some hill where no one will see you, or be in contact with you or even know you exist….

It’s up to you, but honestly, I’d say give up now…your anonymity is already gone. Embrace this new BIG DATA idea and follow it online so you can get the most out of it whether you are a student or a business person or simply a normal functioning human being just ….doing stuff…

So what do you think of all this? Scary?

3 thoughts on “BIG DATA what is it and HOW does it impact us

  1. Scary? Yes, I love to use the data for my research, advertising my blog, keeping in contact with friends, etc. But then I think of the spamming and cyber hacking from other countries, and I am concerned. I think I have an average reaction seen these days.

  2. I think the wiley customer can use Big Data for its advantages, but also be sensible with online browsing and activities. I ensure my computer dumps my cache of cookies every time it shuts down, and my browser automatically uses private mode and advises the sites I visit that I don’t want to be tracked. There are a number of things you can do to participate in the online community without giving up all your data.

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