Don’t FOCUS on your GOALS! Focus on your BEHAVIOURS!!


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There now I have your attention, I will explain myself. This post is all about how useless it is to focus on our goals, that in fact we should be focusing on the behaviour the will lead to the achievement of your goals.

Now that makes a bit more sense. But why do we say ‘focus on your goals’. Well, there is a lot of emphasis these days on knowing what you want in life and going out focussing on it and achieving it. But the truth is goals are useless unless we know ‘how’ to actually go about achieving them.

So my recommendation is of course not to give up on your goals, but to make that the title of your game plan. After you have written your title, then list 5 behaviours that need to be developed so that you will be able to achieve the goal.  From that point onwards you need to write out what you can do to set up that behaviour, measure that behaviour and evaluate the success of that behaviour.

For example:

GOAL TITLE:    To get a 6.5 in the IELTS exam in December
Behaviour How to measure it Evaluation
1 Attend an IELTS class Ensure the class lasts for at least 4 weeks with an experienced native teacher Review your course attendance and attention to the teacher
2 Stick to an IELTS homework regime Make the homework regime 2 hours per night Note any times that are difficult to study and amend as necessary
3 Listen carefully to any additional instructions from the teacher Make a note of at least 2 extra handy hints given by the teacher Review the handy hints at the end of each day and how you could incorporate it into your understanding of IELTS
4 Make a plan to monitor progress during the 4 week course Document all test results and marks on a spreadsheet Evaluate any particular trends in strengths and weaknesses and why
5 Read, listen, speak and write English whenever possible List at least 5 different opportunities each day that you successfully used English to communicate. Monitor the success of each experience and assess what could have been done better and how
6 Record yourself speaking a practice IELTS Task Ensure you speak for at least 3-5 minutes Listen to your recording and give an IELTS assessment level you think you would have got

These are just 6 behaviours that will help you reach your goals, not just educational but any kind of goal. Remember it is the behaviour and how well you adhere to it that will determine whether you achieve your goal or not.

All the best!

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