ONLINE ENGLISH courses – the PROS and CONS

online pros and cons

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Today there is so much talk about Online Language courses and there are a few companies who have seriously got into it, and appear to be doing well….but how will we really know for sure.

Anyway, one thing I have noticed is that there are certainly some really positive things about online English learning but also some downsides. So let’s have a look at them here:


Let’s face it, there is nothing more convenient than being able to learn something at whatever time you want and where ever you want. For sure convenience is a big plus.


If you are doing a desk job, do you really want to sit for another 2 hours a night at the computer? Just saying. It may not be good for your health.


Many people don’t think much about his one, but it is true, it doesn’t matter whether you are living in a Manhatten apartment in New York or in a village in the sub Sahara, if you can get the internet the website and content deliver will be exactly the same. That means everyone gets the chance to have the same quality of learning experience.

Technical limitations:

Online learning is all based on technological and internet abilities. So really if you are living in Manhattan New York, you will have more chance of being able to technologically connect than if you are in the sub Sahara.

Native Speaker Teachers:

Again it doesn’t matter where you live in the world you will have the chance to have a highly qualified native English teacher.

Auditory problems:

If you are engaging in discussions online, you may find it difficult to hear due to different quality microphones and head phones. Again this is an issue related to where you are connecting from and the availability of good technology.

Interactive material

These days online courses have to be highly interactive because the teacher can’t control the class in any other way, so it has to be interesting, innovative and engaging, or the student will just turn off the computer.

The Personal touch:

The truth still remains that if you are learning anything online, though you can see and talk to the speaker, it’s never quite as good as being there in the class with that teacher who has the whole class involved.

So have you ever learned anything online? Tell me, what did you learn and what was it like?


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