EVER FELT that when you board a PLANE on a long journey that WHEN YOU GET OFF something has CHANGED in you?


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1SXngcy)

Sometimes I think its nature’s way of getting you prepared for your next adventure. I have been on a few long airline trips in my time and I find the same situation happening. I get on board the plane with all my hopes and dreams and wonders, and sit there in that space for 7-17 hours listening to that hum of the engine, eat the airline food, listen to the dull sound of chatter around the aircraft, and somehow something happens to me over time. Particularly if I have to sleep half way through, whatever it is, it somehow turns me into a different person at the other end.. Then when you get off at the other side you are ‘someone’ you never expected, someone you don’t know, or ever thought would be you. Something has changed in you. Like all the sounds, the food, the atmosphere has washed you clean of the person you knew and has somehow left you with as a person you don’t recognise.

Then of course this new ‘you’ has to deal with the other side, the new country, the new language and the new atmosphere there. It really is an inner journey that you have been on and now you are continuing that inner journey with everything being different in front of your eyes.

I’m not talking about jet lag here either. Jet lag is really when you get to the other side and your body biologically is still trying to catch up. This is something psychological.

It’s like we have all been put through a washing machine and drier and the cycle finishes when we get off the plane at the other end.

Just wondered if airline companies talk about this. If they have any reasoning for this or even if they have any ideas for how this can be made easier or wiped out.   (Or even enhanced!!!! Who knows it may be good for us?!)

Anyone got any other thoughts on this?

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