What should the FUTURE CLASSROOM look like?


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As a teacher I am always interested in how things will be in the future, and from this list I can honestly say some of it is already present and some need to be developed more, but generally I like what I see and feel I am on track. However every teacher is different and you have to be the judge for yourself.

So whether you are a teacher, a parent or a student, decide what is happening for you and do what it takes to make the change.

A dynamic model for a future classroom should contain:

  • Group work

All work in the class should involve a large amount of group work. Group work builds team work and encourages utilisation of resources and strengths

  • Teacher as facilitator

The teacher as the one who knows all is long gone. Teachers now need to focus on how to best facilitate the learning, to be that catalyst to motivate and encourage students to ask questions, provide hypotheses and experiment

  • Education of the whole person non-threatening environment

We were all brought up to not drop litter, but this is going to go much further than this. All people will be expected to treat all citizens equally, work only for the common good and build awareness and appreciation of difference. In some parts of the world these traits are already prevalent in the classroom, but still there is a lot more work to do.

  • Student centred

Though group work is important, the teacher needs to understand that at the end of the day, every student is alone with their learning. Systems need to be set up to make sure the learning starts, focusses and ends with the student themselves, with the teacher again as facilitator only

  • Classroom based assessment

The day of those big international exams are slowly going to come to an end…more and more classrooms are focusing on internal assessment within the classroom setting. Students will see the practical relevance also of their understanding concepts if the testing system is related to what they are doing personally.

  • Confidence motivation

Building confidence has always been the key for the best classrooms, but in the future this practice will become even more important as the ethics element grows too.

  • Holistic learning

Teachers know that educating the whole person is more important than just building one skill. In the future holistic learning will be even more prevalent as the key to success in the future is how diverse you can be in your life. You need to be someone who is highly adaptive and this skill requires an intensive understanding of all things related to the self.

  • Autonomy

The future worker will need to be very self reliant, so the future student will also be encouraged to be completely capable at dealing with things themselves. Many other factors come into play on this too, including holistic learning, confidence building and ethical thinking.

  • Task based learning

Task based learning is the key to productivity in the future. If students are learning through innovation and creation, task based learning is abundant. If someone leaves university with a ‘degree’, the employer needs to know – ‘yes but what did you actually achieve or create?’

If the student actually completely either successfully or unsuccessfully a number of tasks, it tells the employer something far more than a piece of paper will.

So there you have it….what do you think?

(Notice how technology isn’t even mentioned once? I’m not against technology at all, I just know it is merely a tool, not a technique)

3 thoughts on “What should the FUTURE CLASSROOM look like?

  1. Great,true and relevent,I enjoyed it,some of them I try in my class as a public sector teacher at higher secondary school level, but I am really struggling there because I have more than 135 students with very poor background knowledge and motivation level, however, I enjoy my struggle among them. Thanks for writing.

    • Honestly you are the hero here….teaching is the most noble profession and the work you do with these 135 students will never be forgotten. I guarantee there are many in this group who think and appreciate any effort you make.

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