What is one TRUTH about life that you think few people really UNDERSTAND?


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I would have to say that the one truth I think is true is that you the individual do have the power to make a huge impact on the world, even change the world if you like.

I say this because I think for most of my life I felt like I wanted to change things, do things my way but somehow I felt that that was only done by the luck of the few. What really annoyed me was that I saw some people in high places doing nothing to make any difference to anyone but themselves.

It wasn’t until I got into business and finally felt that I could do things my way and see what happened. I discovered something very interesting. I discovered that the impact we have is in fact constant, whether we are helping someone cross the road with their heavy groceries to changing a whole country. That small act of kindness you do to whoever you do it without any expectation of a return.

Some people call this ‘random acts of kindness’, but whatever you call it, if you add them all up over your lifetime, it’s truly awesome the impact you truly have had on the world.


2 thoughts on “What is one TRUTH about life that you think few people really UNDERSTAND?

  1. you are right madam,thanks for writing such a vital and inspiring article , some may call them’random acts of kindness’ but I can see through my personal experience that those smalls acts of some people have helped me alot and I can never forget them ,they are not in my life now but I feel I have to pay back to society in some way, their selfless help in the past now keep me working for others in my own capacity without any thought of reward from anyone except Allah almighty.

    • Great words of gratitude M.Islam. Thank you, and I am sure many other people feel the same. To be able to see the kindness of others and be grateful for that is itself a gift also.

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