8 NO-BRAINERS for passing IELTS



(Photo credit http://bit.ly/1w71clJ)

Let’s face it sometimes the obvious just has to be said. When you are studying for the IELTS exam sometimes you just get so far inside it you lose sight of the basics. So here I am going to go over  what I will call the ‘no-brainers’.

Now take three steps back…..way back….further….that’s right.    Ready?

  1. Read what the IELTS test is all about:

Go to your book store, go to the ESL section and look at the IELTS preparation books on the shelves. Even buy one or two if you like, so you can get an idea of what the test tests and how, what exams are involved and what they are looking for.

  1. Test yourself

Maybe it is online or with one of the books you bought from the store, whatever way it is, try to test yourself first and see how you do.

  1. Be…

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