The most POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING business in the WORLD – ESL


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Anyone who is in the business of selling ESL is going to look at this title and say, ‘yes I know for me, it’s very powerful, if it disappears, I’m out of business!’. True. But this post is not about you the ESL business people, this is about the place of the ESL market in the world’s markets today.

No matter how great the Chinese are and can get in business, Mandarin will still never be the language of choice for business internationally. No matter how powerful the factions in the Middle East get in terms of dominating politics internationally, Arabic will never be the language of choice for international politics. No matter how big the South American entertainers and artists are in terms of their heart and soul for love, Spanish will never be internationally recognised as the language of passion.

English is the only international language we know for sure will be here to stay for a very long time. Why? Because it has emerged over the years and fought and won every fight against it. Now of course there are more ESL speakers in the world than any other language, ever in the history of the world. The days of being able to travel anywhere at all on this planet and finding an English speaker who can not only help you but speak just like you are virtually here.

English is….everywhere.  The market of learning English is…(maybe next to the other basic needs markets of food and sex), the biggest in the world.

The other thing about the market of learning English is that is truly is one of the few markets that does actually change the world. Single-handedly it can raise not only someone, but an entire family, city and country to a level internationally that few can match. The ability to speak English can and does change the world daily.

So if you are in the ESL business – make it the highest quality you can. If you are an ESL learner – learn it as best you can. And if you are already a speaker of English and are someone who has neither a business or a necessity to learn English – just appreciate what you have and know you are part of the biggest life changing trends on the planet.

Appreciate and enjoy.


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