(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1FXrUF7)

If you are a student and are studying in a good language school, chances are you are talking about it to everyone and anyone. You may not think you are but the truth is that if it constitutes 6 hours of your day, there will be people situations and discussions that will be long lingering in your mind afterwards. So I am going to tell you – don’t be afraid, if you like it – tell everyone about it.

But the question is how?

You are talking about it anyway, but how do you seriously get involved in the marketing side?

  1. Make sure you are a part of any activity for students that they organise – it’s a great way to show your solidarity for the school.
  2. Buy the merchandise – be a walking advertisement (Yes I know the man in the picture above says ‘I love Hungarian food’, ) but maybe your language centre has their own t shirt…wear it proudly!
  3. Ask if you can become an agent – good for you too as there may be some money in it for you also.
  4. Engage fully in any classroom activity as if to test the school and what they can do for you, then let everyone know outside the school what you have learned.
  5. Be a walking role model for what the school has done for you by speaking English wherever you go, that’s the best advertisement of all.
  6. Allow yourself to be grateful for what the school is doing for you and wherever you go from there in life – that school will be shining through all that you do.


Any other ideas?


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