4 people who will TRY TO STOP YOU learning English!


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To learn …anything! Isn’t easy. To take that first step to better yourself or create something for yourself, isn’t easy. To start learning English… isn’t easy. And not always because you don’t know the language and need to learn so much, but also for many people, they don’t have the support system to back them up.

There are in fact 4 different people who will try to hold you back. Here are the four people, and how to deal with them:

PERSON 1: The person who says, “I could have learned it better.”

These are the people who will say to you it’s easy and anyone can do it, but you will never do it as well as me, because if I set my mind to do something, I will be able to do it ten times better than you, so don’t even try!


Ignore them.


PERSON 2: The person who says, “Who do you think you are to learn English?”

These people are the ones who are so afraid themselves of taking a risk, they hate that you had the courage to do it. These are the people who in response to their feelings of insecurity, will say you are a nobody, and you shouldn’t even think of doing something difficult like this because you will fail, and it will be embarrassing for you and for them.


Ignore them.


PERSON 3: The person who says, “I was just about to do a course in English.”

Actually what they are really saying is, don’t think you are anything special because you are learning English, because you are not. Anyone and everyone can learn English including myself and I am going to be doing that soon too, so don’t think it is anything special.


Ignore them.


PERSON 4: The person who doesn’t care at all.

There of course are many more people than just one person here, but at the same time you have to understand that there are plenty of people in this world who can’t speak English and also have no desire at all to ever learn and are not interested in anyone who does, and if they were to meet someone like you who is learning English they would say…good for you, but honestly I don’t care either way.


These ones are the hardest because they come along all the time in all walks of life, so my recommendation is to sit back and understand that everyone has their own thing they are into and they are just not into your thing. Accept it and move on.


Tell me which ones you find the most common or most difficult to deal with.


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