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Every second person in the world today seems to be either talking, thinking or trying to be some kind of English speaker, getting into a good school, looking for money to start a course or simply spluttering their way through some easy pick up lines for girls in a coffee shop or in a bar somewhere. And a lot of us around them are the listeners, supporters or even dare I say it, thinking they are really good at English. But one thing we all have to be aware of is not all of them are going to be an English speaker, and not because of not trying hard enough, or lack of interest, purely because they are actually a ‘fake English speaker’.

So first of all what is a ‘fake English speaker’?

Simply put, a fake English speaker is someone who speaks English (or something close to it) with confidence but can’t really understand what a real English speaker is saying. A ‘fake English speaker’ is basically what we used to call a ‘wanna-be’.

Why are there far more ‘fake English speakers’ today than ever before?

Thanks to social media today, a lot of people don’t actually go to an English class to learn English. They pick up a few words here or there and eventually start communicating with people online through this means. When they get a response from someone – if it is in English they will simply copy and paste it to Google translate so they can get the gist of what it is about. They will reply in their bitsy broken English or worse still, write their answer in their own language then Google translate it back to English, copy and paste it to their social media page. Dangerous! You can never know that what you said really was what it was translated into! And no way of finding out for sure.

But thank goodness, today so many people do actually speak English well, and can spot this. Even myself I can see when someone’s English is so poor but their google-translate is excellent!

Why are ‘fake English speakers’ so annoying?

It’s simple, they never bothered to take the time to learn the English properly and as a result, you have to ask yourself, ‘what else don’t they do properly’? In this day and age, being honest and truthful about who you are is more important than ever. Anyone and everyone can spot a fake when they see one.

What to do when you find a ‘fake English speaker?

This is easy, before long when you start speaking to them in English they will bow out and admit their error. Simply take them aside, give them the address of a great school and say – see you after 6 months…you’ll do well, you have a lot of confidence!


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