HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 2: A lost love opportunity


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1jqNKGc)

As teachers (particularly ESL teachers), we are always teaching pretty much the same content for each level of English, and the things that keep ups motivated and interested, fall into two categories, the new techniques and theories of education and the fact that every month or semester we get a different ‘fresh’ batch of bright eyed and bushy tailed students.

It is the latter that I find the most entertaining and so have put together a series of posts that cover

Whenever I get Elementary 1 or 2 levels, I find that there are a number of errors the students make, one of the most common is this conversation:

Student:    “Teacher? I was out the other day and I asked a girl – how are you? What is your phone number? And she just walked away without replying. Did I ask the question correctly?”

Teacher:    “Yes, there was nothing wrong with the question.”

Student:    “So why do you think she walked away?”

Teacher:    “I’d say she just didn’t want to give you her phone number.”

Student:    “Why didn’t she want to give me her phone number, it’s a simple question?”

(Class is now completely silent, you can ‘hear a pin drop’)

Teacher:    “She just doesn’t want you to call her, and doesn’t want to go out with you”

(Class has a big smirk on their face)

From this point the student slumped back into his seat smiling nodding and simply said “Thank you teacher”.

Tell me some more of your own!

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