4 ways to IMPROVE your English WITH A FRIEND without taking a class!

An oldie but a goodie!

The FUTURE of Learning


(photo credit http://bit.ly/Xvv0uv)

Short on time? Have a friend who also wants to improve their English? Here are four ways to really kick start your learning, without taking a class!

It doesn’t really matter if your friend is good or not good at English, these simple activities can be done together and you can help each other.

Now before we start, I need to let you know that these activities will only work if you have had SOME kind of English learning, even if it was a secondary school, that’s okay, but it probably won’t work for a zero English person. (Just letting you know)

Anyway, here we go:

  1. Read the newspaper together

This is so simple, you and your friend are sitting somewhere, you both have an English newspaper each. Choose an article that you both think you can read, then read one paragraph aloud while the other…

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