HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 3: Whoopee, let’s make the teacher laugh!


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As teachers (particularly ESL teachers), we are always teaching pretty much the same content for each level of English, and the things that keep ups motivated and interested, fall into two categories, the new techniques and theories of education and the fact that every month or semester we get a different ‘fresh’ batch of bright eyed and bushy tailed students.

It is the latter that I find the most entertaining and so have put together a series of posts that cover

Whenever I get Elementary 1 or 2 levels, I find that there are a number of errors the students make, one of the most common is this conversation:


This one happened in a children’s class:

This particular class is usually very difficult, however when I entered

the class this day I found all children were sitting at their desks and were silent (a danger signal!). Following this, I put my bag down and started to deliver the lesson. The children were becoming increasingly agitated and were not willing to contribute much, until one child said, “Teacher please sit down!”. I looked at them and looked at myself and thought, do I look tired, do I need some help here, can they see I am about to fall over, what is the problem?


I continued until two children ran out of their seats to me and pulled me over to the teacher’s

desk and begged me to sit down. I was starting to wonder what was going on. So I let them carry me over to the teacher’s desk, pulled out the seat for me.


I sat down immediately onto the chair which they had put a soft cushion on for me. Then

suddenly out came a long loud sound from the whoopee cushion hiding underneath it. The children burst out laughing and me too! The sound was rather loud and long!


The only unfortunate thing about that lesson was that the children were so far gone from the joke, that for that hour no lesson was ever going to work, so it had to be English games from that time on…

When the lesson was finished I taught them a new English word – it was called ‘revenge’!  I used it in a sentence and said ‘Next time…..it will be ‘revenge of the teacher’!’ and raised my eyebrows.

From this point the student slumped back into his seat smiling and simply said “ok teacher!”.

Tell me some more of your own!


3 thoughts on “HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 3: Whoopee, let’s make the teacher laugh!

  1. I’ve got two for you.
    This first one happened in a colleagues class: At the start of class she asked them what they love about summer (the lesson’s topic was weather/season-related). One student raises his hand eagerly and goes into this long description of his wife whose name happened to be Samar (pronounced kind of like summer). The whole class couldn’t stop laughing.

    Here’s one of my favorite common mistakes: On the first day, we do a lot of ice breakers and activities to help students get to know each other. In lower-level classes it never fails that a student or two say they’re taking the class because they’re boring. This usually results in a couple of people laughing and then an explanation of the difference between saying “I’m bored” and “I’m boring”. The explanation then leads to even more laughter.

    It’s never a dull day in teaching!

    • hahaha……yes….that ‘bored/boring’ one comes up here too, same with interested/interesting. e.g. Why are you taking the course? Because I’m interesting…
      Here is Malaysia we also have most of our students living in condominiums. We call them condo’s. Some students call them condoms. We are living in condoms….That’s another one too!

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