HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 4: Welcome to the world my friend!


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1LGap7Y)

As teachers (particularly ESL teachers), we are always teaching pretty much the same content for each level of English, and the things that keep ups motivated and interested, fall into two categories, the new techniques and theories of education and the fact that every month or semester we get a different ‘fresh’ batch of bright eyed and bushy tailed students.

It is the latter that I find the most entertaining and so have put together a series of posts that cover

Whenever I get Elementary 1 or 2 levels, I find that there are a number of errors the students make, one of the most common is this conversation:


This one happened in a children’s playground:

This was a class of 6 year olds. It was at break time, a great time to get students to practice their English freely in the playground. One German boy come up to me with a RM1.00 coin (in Malaysia it’s like $1.00).

He was looking at the coin perplexed. I asked him, what the problem was. He said he had found it in the playground and didn’t know who it belonged to.

I responded by saying that perhaps he should walk around the playground and ask them “Has anyone lost RM1.00 because I found it on the grass”.

He smiled and said that that was a good idea and off he went.

About ten minutes later he came back still with the coin in his hand looking even more perplexed.

I asked him “What’s the matter? Did you ask the other children if anyone had lost RM1.00?”

“Yes,” he said, “But there is a big problem”

I asked him what it was.

He said “Everyone I asked said – oh…yes I’ve lost RM1.00!”

I just laughed and laughed and said…”Well…welcome to the world, my friend! – you can keep it for yourself for now!”

Even though he wasn’t quite sure why I was laughing, he just accepted it and smiled “ok teacher!”.

Tell me some more of your own!


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