ESL COUNTDOWN TO 2016! Strategic Review No. 5: Where am I at?


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This is the first of 5 steps in a countdown format for an evaluation plan you can start implementing into your daily schedule in 2016.  So sit back and review where your English is at right now. For this first step, I want you to have a good think about where you are in terms of your English.

Ask yourself these questions and grade yourself 1-10 for success (10 being the highest success level):

  1. Can I speak English confidently?
  2. Can I write English confidently?
  3. Can I listen to English and understand with confidence?
  4. Can I read well enough to feel confident that I understand what is the text is about?

Once you have reviewed where you are at in terms of these areas you need to reflect a little deeper on the areas that you think need more work. Highlight only 3 areas that need more work. Write these three down and we will look at these three next time.

For today, this will be the only task. Check in next time for Strategic Review No. 4. (Note that this is a countdown, so the numbers will go backwards!)

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