HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 5: Weaponry Schmeaponry!


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1lnEdkB)

This is actually as true as I am sitting here at this computer. And of course all these hilarious moments are true, but this one is a real gem exclusive to us.

As you may or may not know we at ELIT Language Centre have now 6 branches outside of Malaysia, in fact all are in Somalia. Setting up the schools in Somalia was difficult due to the fact that we couldn’t send native English speakers there so we had to create a program online. This is something that we took in our stride.

However, though we were aware of the security issues in the different parts of the country, we were never prepared for this.

One of the Managers’ of one of the branches called me and asked me if we had a book of policies for the school that suited the Somalia schools. I said proudly that the same policies for the school in Malaysia are relevant for the Somalia schools, this way we can keep the same standard there as here.

The Manager replied that he had been faced with a recurring problem. He said that he had had to buy a bigger safe in his office to put all the AK47s and rounds of ammunition that the students had been carrying around with them. He asked if it was okay for him to create a sign for all classrooms that simply said ‘no weapons allowed’, as some of the students were also carrying pistols in their pockets as well.

My eyes opened wide and said – “Yes…Yes!”. Then I asked him, “How many weapons do these students have?”

He answered, “Depending on the area in Somalia, some less, some more, but most students in Mogadishu area carried weapons!”, he said that he felt that it would be really good for everyone if we could make ELIT Language Centre Somalia a ‘weapon-free zone’.

I whole heartedly agreed and designed the sign and policy immediately!

Tell me some more of your own!


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