HILARIOUS ESL Classroom Moment No. 7: A Chinese Restaurant to remember


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1lnFEQ1)

Again, as true as I am sitting here in front of this computer, this is an absolutely true story.

I was teaching English in a small town on the East coast of Malaysia. I had a few international students but most were from the local Chinese business people community. For the Chinese in Malaysia is it very important for their children to get the best education possible and also of course all in English.

There was one day when I asked all children to ask their parents if they wanted to come to school for ‘careers’ day. It meant that the parent would come in and talk about their job and answer questions from the students about their work.

One Chinese girl said that her father owned a restaurant in the city and was very keen to come along and talk about the restaurant business.

I was very pleased as perhaps he may bring some samples of their dishes too!

He came along and talked about the restaurant and all the interesting delicacies they had, and even offered everyone a sampling of their finest wontons. I was happy.

With my mouth full of wonton – I finally asked the man what the name of the restaurant was just in case we could all go there on an outing or the students could go with their families.

He replied “It called ‘Fook Yu Restaurant’.

The half chewed wonton suddenly stuck in my throat. There was a stunned silence from my side. Fortunately, the rest of the class didn’t get it. Nor did the father, he was more concerned about the wonton and that I was okay.

After the coughing had cleared and the wonton was clearly digested, I said to him “Great – I will never forget that name – and bring all my friends to it too’

He replied “You most welcome!”

I later did visit the place, the food was indeed delicious and it became a regular for any international visitor I had…even my 11 year old nephew, when he saw the name of the restaurant, he laughed so much he got a nose bleed!

Tell me some more of your own!


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