How do they CALCULATE your IELTS SCORE? Numbers are EVERYTHING!


calculate ielts

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Just like a businessman must understand the numbers in profit and loss for the future of his business, so too do you need to understand the numbers in the pass and fail for IELTS.

I know when you are preparing for your IELTS test you feel enormous pressure because you know that this is your ticket to your English future, so let’s have a deeper look into how the IELTS score is  calculated, and in return you will be able to understand the how to get the highest score.

I’m going to talk only about the Academic paper in this post.

Your Total band score

This is the total scores of your Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening divided by 4 and rounded out to the nearest whole or half band score. E.g. 6.3 would be rounded to 6.5. 7.1 would be rounded to 7.0.


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