Why are most PROFESSIONAL TEXTBOOKS in English? Is there a war of LANGUAGES going on?

old and new

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Even today with the massive influx of people learning English from some of the biggest nations in the world, the number one language of choice by most professions is still English.

One thing unfortunately all you people who come from countries who speak non-English languages have to accept is that though your language is beautiful, lyrical, expressive and fascinating…you weren’t the first to get into the modern professions.

The key points on the current professional language of choice is that the internet was first and foremost created in English. The fact that there are Arabic, Japanese, and Spanish Google sites is just a secondary point that emerged as a necessity rather than a fundamental principle. And I dare say it that over time as more and more people in these non – English speaking countries learn to speak English and study in English, so will the necessity become less and less.

It is a scary thought to think that languages other than English may end up being a cultural fascination rather than a standard means of communicating in that country. This is truly sad but unfortunately eventually inevitable particularly in terms of the professions and understanding international information.

So what do you think is the future of non-English languages? Do you think they will still be as important in the respective societies as they are now? Or will they eventually be put to one side as part of the ancient past?

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