5 Things you CAN ask your ESL teacher so she will help you more!



When you first join your class I know it is sometimes terrifying to ask a question, but questions are really important to help you learn and to help your teacher understand how you learn. Here are a few things you can say to your teacher and they will understand.


  1. “When you ask me a question, please give me some extra time to answer.”

When you are learning English often you need to listen carefully, understand the words, decide on the answer then make sure you have the right English to communicate your answer. You are not like other students, you need time, and your teacher sometimes needs to be reminded of this.

  1.  “Sometimes the work is overwhelming. Can I get help from a partner or group?”

When you have a lot to answer, you often feel that doing it by yourself can be very time consuming. So suggesting to…

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