An ESL teacher’s wish list


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In the world of ESL teaching, you could be working in your home state in the US or you could be working in China, it doesn’t matter, we are all people and we all have things that we wish would be different.


In this post I am going to write a wish list that I think most ESL teachers around the world would agree with, plus please tell me more so that I can push for more too!


Wish list:

  1. To be given a salary that is worthy of my professional skills
  2. To be treated as a professional
  3. To be informed of any inconsistency in my work output
  4. To be given support if I have a difficult class to teach
  5. To be given a classroom that has ‘some’ teaching aids that are paid for by the school e.g. whiteboards, whiteboard markers, pens, etc
  6. To be included in the decision making of the academic side of the school
  7. To have my contract honoured by having my salary arrive on time and my terms of service abided by
  8. To be given the truth about a situation
  9. To be given some vacation time
  10. To be offered a chance to stay on if both parties are in agreement.


So tell me some more!

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