5 Quick SENSORY TRICKS to help you remember ENGLISH VOCABULARY

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Esa8pX)

Even though we all know that learning a new language always takes time and perseverance, there are a few handy tricks that you can use to help you. The most important secret trick is to really work on developing your imagination in your memory.

The key is to focus on your senses. These are see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Once you understand the connection between your senses and their memory, you will find it a lot easier to remember something.

Check these out and see if they work for you:

  1. Taste

If you try a new food for the first time, e.g. a pizza, taste it and see if it tastes like anything in your language, if you find it does, try to make an association to the sound or look of the word.  It may be simply that it has 5 letters and the…

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