An ESL Student’s wish list


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Often the quietest person in the business is the customer and in the world of ESL – particularly if you are teaching Asian students, this could be your student. And yet when they apply to come to your school they are the most excited person of all. Though they often can’t express it, I want to take the time in this post to put down what the average ESL student might wish for when they register with a school.

Wish list:

  1. A teacher who cares about me and what I am learning.
  2. A teacher who is strict on the students in the class who mess around.
  3. A classroom that is reasonably modern looking.
  4. A happy teacher who likes to come into our class.
  5. A course that is relevant to my needs.
  6. A friendly front office staff who can make me feel welcome when I arrive.
  7. A person on the staff who can speak my language if I am in need of explaining something to them.
  8. Plenty of opportunities to interact with the teacher and the rest of the class in a speaking activity.
  9. Clear guidelines as to what I should expect from the course and the school.
  10. Clear abidance by the school of the guidelines and promises to me
  11. A chance to meet other students to learn with who are friendly and helpful.


Please give me some more or correct me if I am wrong ….I want to hear from you.


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