Going to the TRAIN STATION– key questions to ask if you are an ESL person


(Photo credit:  http://bit.ly/1QrUzRa)

This post is purely to help those people who need those quick question and answers to practice before they go off to their important situations:

Today it is about going to the train station. Look at these questions and practice them and also consider some answers:

Passenger questions:

  1. One ticket to……please?
  2. How much is the ticket?
  3. Which platform is the train leaving?
  4. Where do I go to get to the train platform?
  5. What time does the next train leave?
  6. Is this the train to…..?
  7. Which station is next?
  8. Can you tell me when we get to ……..station?
  9. Where is the exit?
  10. Where can I get a taxi?

Train station staff questions:

  1. Can I help you?
  2. Do you need a ticket?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. How many tickets do you want?
  5. Do you want a monthly ticket?
  6. Do you want a student pass?


Practice these with a friend and see if you can make any new questions also.

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