English words ORIGINATING from different countries


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The English language she really be hunted down, arrested and charged with being the greatest thief in history. So often it has stolen words from other languages and declared them as their own ad no one has ever been able to do anything about it, once it is declared that is it.

Let’s have a look at some of the words from these two countries, and see if you recognise any kind of cross over in original language to English language.

English words originated from India:

  • avatar– a graphical image that represents a person.
  • bungalow– a house or cottage with only one floor.
  • dungarees– denim or work overalls with braces over the shoulders.
  • jungle– an area of wild vegetation or tropical forests.
  • pyjamas– loose fitting clothes for sleeping in.
  • shampoo– soap for cleaning hair.


English words originated from France

  • art– (the creation of) things that are pleasing to the eye, beautiful.
  • bacon– thinly sliced meat from a pig.
  • foreign– from a different country.
  • grammar– the features and rules of a language.
  • medicine– a substance that is used for treating illness or disease.
  • mountain– an area of the earth that is elevated and rises to a peak.
  • pearl– a smooth precious stone formed within certain sea creatures (oyster…).
  • romance– the world of emotions, feelings or desire.
  • restaurant – place to buy and eat food at a table
  • fillet – cut of meat
  • beret – small soft hat


And these are just a few. Can you think of some other words from other countries that you may know?


Thanks to this website: http://www.funkyenglish.com/forum/topics/english-words-from-other-countries

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