The PERFECT POWERPOINT Presentation for ESL students

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I’m keeping this short and sweet because I know students just want simple answers for their questions. So the question is:

How to I make my power point presentation amazing?

So here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing it and delivering it.

Make sure you have these things:

  • Good title
  • Clear bullet points
  • Your speak full sentences based on the bullet points
  • You speak in correct grammar
  • You speak clearly
  • You speak in a moderate speed and not too fast
  • Use pictures if you want, but make sure they are relevant to the speech
  • Use videos if you want, but don’t let them run for any more than 15 seconds, because remember they have come to hear you speak not the video.
  • Use an interesting and colourful design on your power point
  • Animate your comments so that they fly in on…

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